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Taylor Swift going to the studio in NYC 7/31/14
"In the words of one of my favorite Paramore songs, I hate to see your heart break. Honestly, I wish it had never happened to you and I wish you could speed up time and all of a sudden see this pain in retrospect. We get use to things don’t we? Waking up to a text every morning, falling asleep to a phone call, hearing someone’s name and lighting up. These are all habits we have to break when we lose someone and it’s NOT FAIR because it’s TERRIBLE and you are AWESOME. Time will break all of the old habits and create new ones for you, and in the process, you will try to handle the immense pain with dignity (because you’re that kind of girl). You actually will move on and you actually will be fine and then that’s when he may actually miss how incredible and special you are. But whether or not that happens, I just want you to take one day at a time. You and I both know there’s got to be some greater storyline for you than ‘girl gets heart broken was sad forever.’ I think a nice one would be ‘girl gets heart broken, was sad for a while but in her heartbreak found freedom, friends and the ability to look back and laugh at all she’d learned. She now lives her life on her own terms and still has fantastic hair. I love you. Hang in there"
Taylor Swift’s advice to a fan after a break up. (x)

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I feel like this photo set sums up the entire series. The men talk about doing shit; the women get shit done.

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The beautiful Taylor!


She’s an angel


Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss head to the gym, July 21, 2014

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